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McCreary Recreation

The McCreary Recreation Commission and Burrows Trail Arts Council offer a variety of activities and opportunities to participate in cultural and athletic programs such as:

Hockey, Broomball and Family Skating at the McCreary Centennial Arena, Curling, Baseball, Swimming Lessons and Supervised Family Swimming, Skateboard Park, Tobogganing at Fletcher Park, McCreary Fitness Center (gym), Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Cycling, Golf Course and Driving Range, Walking Clubs, Visual Art Exhibits, Workshops and Art Classes, Entertainment, and Public Library

Upcoming Events :

Healthy Steps

Weekly on Tuesdays Starting Feb 6th

Reminder this is a FREE program thanks to sponsorship from McCreary Metis Local! Come on out and learn something new or if you already know, come for the exercise!

Monday FEB 19TH

This was so much fun last year!! Can't wait to see everyone's creations!

McCreary Curling Club

Join the McCreary Curling Club

    Plans are underway for McCreary Homecoming 2025

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    About The McCreary Recreation Commission :

    The McCreary Recreation Commission was formed in 1968 by the Village of McCreary and the Rural Municipality of McCreary. The role of this committee was: To operate, supervise, and control all Recreation Groups and Facilities in the community, and to encourage, initiate and supervise public recreation programs in the community.

    Whether it was for physical recreation, social recreation, artistic or group recreation, intellectual or audience enjoyment, the commission was to continually strive to meet the recreational needs of the community.

    We currently have 6 Recreational Facilities in McCreary:

    • The McCreary Community Centre
    • The McCreary Centennial Arena
    • The McCreary Golf & Country Club
    • The McCreary Curling Club
    • The McCreary Swimming Pool and
    • The McCreary Agricultural Society.
    • Nancy Buchanan has been our Recreation Director since 2007.