McCreary's History
The name McCreary came from William F. McCreary, a Surveyor and MP, when the Post Office adopted it on February
1st, 1899. A new Post Office was built in 1962 and remains in operation today.
William F.
The McCreary Post Office
One of the earliest forms of transportation in and around McCreary was "the Stoneboat." The Stoneboat was a large sled
pulled by two horses. It was usually made out of two straight logs with a decking of planks spiked on top. Although hard
to drive, it was used for everything from hauling manure to a Sunday drive.                                          
The earliest North-South thoroughfare through the McCreary Municipality was known as the Burrows Trail and is
commemorated by the heritage Satterthwaite Cabin. In 1912 construction began on a principal North-South artery. In 1926
this same road was reconstructed and is now known as Highway #5. It became paved in 1955. In 1928, what is now known
as Highway #50 became upgraded to market road status.


                                                                           Early times road grader

Public transportation, which used these various routes, began with the Stagecoach in the late 1890s, carrying mail and
passengers over the Burrows trail.
The McCreary CN Station was built in 1912, and closed in 1982. It has since been restored and is now open in the summer
as a very interesting museum.
In 1910, McCreary had a motorized taxi service.
In 1929, a bus service from Winnipeg began servicing McCreary and towns along Highway #5. This 21-passenger bus was sold to Greyhound in
1944. Another bus service from Brandon to Dauphin was later sold to Grey Goose.
In 1954, the McCreary Airport Commission was founded. The landing site, with hangar, is privately owned and sees use by government
agencies, skiers, and pleasure pilots.
McCreary received electrical power in 1937. The McCreary district was first served by telephone in 1906. McCreary had its own switchboard
until 1972. Television signals were available in 1954, and cable became available in 1986.
The first grain elevator was built in 1912. Two upright elevators replaced it in late 1917.  The large elevator which replaced the earlier two in
the late 1970s had its last business day on December 29th, 2000.
UGG Grain elevator. The
building in the lower left
hand corner is the old
McCreary Train Station, now
a museum.
These history facts were compiled from
the McCreary history book. The 590 page
book entitled "McCreary Milestones and
Memories" gives a much more detailed
account of the history of McCreary. To
obtain your $60 copy, write to the
McCreary History Book Committee at P.O.
Box 338, McCreary, MB, R0J 1B0.
The McCreary CN
2005 Nancy Buchanan & the McCreary History Book Committee