10. 300 First Avenue
                                 Built in 1911 and in 1921 became the home of one of Manitoba's first female
                                 law students. Changes had to be made to the Law Society Act to include
                                 women as "persons" before Melrose Sissons could be accepted to the college
                                of law and her admittance to the bar in 1915. She married another lawyer
                                and fought for women's rights as a homemaker and community volunteer.

This cairn is on the site of the former four-room Rosamond School. The cairn also marks locations of 14 one-room
schools and the two-room Glencairn School which were sites of education in McCreary and District.

This site was set aside as a cemetery in 1905. Interments in various locations previous to that date were disinterred and
moved by horse and wagon to be re-interred at this site. The early Burrows Trail passed directly through this site.
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