10. Satterthwaite Log Cabin
The original cabin built along the historic Burrows Trail about 1895 served as a staging area for travellers. The half-lap
dovetail construction method exemplifies building techniques popular in the area. The timber came from the quarter
section to the west and tells of the wealth of the forest cover before the turn of the century. The cabin was dismantled and
copied in detail in 1994 and officially opened in 1995. Evidence of the Trail to the southeast across todays #5 highway
can be clearly seen through the hardwoods. Open Sat. 11AM - 4PM, June - August.
11. Royal Oak Cairn
A cairn bearing the replica of the cement block schoolhouse
and "appendages" which was the district education centre from
1906 to 1956. The forest cover of the nearby Riding Mountain
National Park reminds us of the dense forest clearing done by
the pioneers of the district.
12. Mount Agassiz Ski Resort
The highest ski elevation between Thunder Bay and the
Rockies, this resort began service to the public in 1961. This
site was host to the Canada Winter Games in 1979, and is
currently not open.
2005 Nancy Buchanan & the McCreary Heritage Advisory Committee
Heritage Sites Continued
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McCreary, Manitoba, Canada
The Ski and Maple Syrup Capital of Manitoba