Welcome to
McCreary, Manitoba, Canada
The Ski and Maple Syrup Capital of Manitoba
Alpine Archie - McCreary's mascot since 1978.
This one and a half tonne statue was sculpted by George Barone.
Picturesque, with tree lined streets, McCreary basks in the shelter of the scenic, wooded Riding Mountain National Park. Unpolluted air, an abundance of excellent drinking
water, and top grade recreation facilities for all seasons from alpine skiing, if we can get the ski hill opened again, and snowmobiling to swimming and golfing exist here. Also
there is great cultural diversity to suit all tastes through the library and arts council.

Camping, boating, fishing, swimming and picnic sites at lakes that are as near as 15 minutes are a recreational haven and great attraction. Excellent water quality and supply
provide unlimited scope for development opportunity. Favourable wildlife habitat provide recreational and tourism potential.

Mount Agassiz Ski Resort is considered by many to provide the best skiing between the Rockies and Thunder Bay. Mt. Agassiz was the site of the alpine events of the 1979
Canada Winter Games. Agassiz is located in Riding Mountain National Park, 16 kilometers west of the village of McCreary. However, the ski hill is not open at the present time.
McCreary and District, the Ski and Maple Syrup Capital of Manitoba, welcomes you!
Come visit McCreary in winter, spring, summer, or fall!
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Notice to all "McCrearyites" - Former and Current: The McCreary History Book Committee has been revived. Due to numerous requests,
consideration is being given to reprinting the original "Milestones and Memories" as well as publishing a Volume II Edition. A pricing proposal has been
received which gives us the following numbers, based on printing 300 copies... (of course, we anticipate more than 300 copies so the price may be
reduced to some degree) $70/copy or $140 for the set. So here is where we need your help. We are asking you to contact the committee so that the
number of copies required can be ordered. Also please get your stories and pictures collected because we will soon be asking for updates for Volume II.
The committee can be contacted by:
- email to mccrearyhistorybook2@gmail.com - fax to 204-835-2649  regular mail to MHBC, Box 338, McCreary, MB R0J 1B0
- In person to Municipality of McCreary office at 432 - 1st Ave., McCreary
                          NOTICE OF ELECTION
                             Municipality of McCreary

Notice is hereby given that a vote of the Municipality of McCreary will be taken to elect One Reeve and
Four Councillors
from the following duly nominated candidates:                    
FOR THE OFFICE OF REEVE:                                     FOR THE OFFICE OF COUNCILLOR:
GAWAZIUK, Mike                                                              BUCHANAN, Shawn
McLAUCHLAN, Larry                                                        ROY, Coreen
THOMSON, David J.                                                           TERRICK, Craig
WHYTE, Allan                                                                     GRAVES, John
                                                                                           DUGGAN, Donna
                                                                                           CRIPPS, Linda                
The voting place will be open for voting on Wednesday, the 24th day of October, 2018 between 8:00 a.m. and  
8:00 p.m. at the Municipality of McCreary Council Chambers at 432 First Avenue, McCreary, Manitoba.

required  to produce one piece of government issued photo identification (for example - driver’s license or
passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity.

For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but who have reason to believe that they
will be absent or otherwise unable to attend their proper voting place on election day, an advance voting
opportunity will be located at the Municipality of McCreary Council Chambers, 432 First Avenue, McCreary,
Manitoba and will be open on Saturday, October 20, 2018 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but reside at a health care facility, a
mobile voting station will be set up at the following health care facilities on election day:

  McCreary Alpine Manor Inc.                                        10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  435 Broderick Street, McCreary, Manitoba

  McCreary/Alonsa Health Centre and Personal Care Home        1:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m.
  613 P.T.H. #50, McCreary, Manitoba
A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance, may apply in person, in writing, or
by fax to the senior election official at 432 First Avenue, P. O. Box 338, McCreary, Manitoba R0J 1B0, Fax
Number: (204) 835-2649.

If applying in person, a voter may apply between September 26, 2018 and October 21, 2018.

A voter applying in person may pick up a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application.

If applying by mail or fax, a voter may apply between September 26, 2018 and October 21, 2018.

A voter applying by mail or fax will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making
alternative arrangements with the Senior Election Official.

REBA KEELE, Senior Election Official
Municipality of McCreary
P. O. Box 338 – 432 First Avenue
McCREARY, Manitoba     R0J 1B0
Telephone:        1 (204) 835-2341
Fax:                1 (204) 835-2649